By completing a booking for any train travel and associated activities with Steam Incorporated, all passengers whether booked online via Steam Incorporated’s website, completing a manual booking form, or calling directly to Steam Incorporated’s bookings team, agree to and are bound by the below terms and conditions of travel:

  • Steam Incorporated, KiwiRail, Federation of Rail Organisations of NZ, ancillary transport operators and venue owners accept no responsibility for injury, medical expenses, loss or damage to passengers and their belongings throughout the duration of a Steam Incorporated excursion, and all consequential actions that may occur.
  • All seating is pre-allocated. If no reasonable attempt has been made to request certain seating requirements at the time of booking, then Steam Incorporated is unable to fulfil any specific seating requests. Intending passenger’s can either contact Steam Incorporated directly or document any specifics in the comment’s section of an online booking.
  • When booking a Steam Incorporated service using third party booking agents, such as Fareharbor, you accept that additional booking fees may apply.
  • Steam Incorporated reserve the right to substitute motive power subject to availability, differing to that advertised, to meet operating obligations.
  • Steam Incorporated accepts no responsibility for any consequences of late running or schedule variations. Steam Incorporated’s onboard team will strive to ensure passengers are made aware of such changes and a pragmatic approach to meeting passenger’s expectations is maintained.
  • Each booking made carries a non-refundable booking fee of 10% of the total fare - except if the service does not operate, or if the service has been over-booked. This does not include any fee taken by the 3rd party booking service provider, or relevant Card Fees.
  • A request for the refund of the full cost of travel must be submitted to Steam Incorporated in writing. Refunds will not be processed within 10 business days prior to the advertised date of travel.
  • Refunds shall not be processed whereby the service has broken down enroute, or the advertised means of conveyance is unavailable. If enroute, and a breakdown occurs, Steam Incorporated will return all travelling passengers to their initial boarding station.
  • In the event of a service cancellation, Steam Incorporated reserves the right to offer a voucher to the same value for any future rail excursions as an alternative to refund.
  • Children under the age of 12 years, must be accompanied by a full fare-paying adult.
  • Steam Incorporated staff, on the date of travel, reserve the right to refuse any intending passenger travel if they hinder the safety or comfort of other passengers and staff.
  • Smoking is prohibited anywhere onboard our trains, including on any viewing platform, this includes the use of e-cigarettes.
  • Animals are prohibited from travelling onboard our trains. Guide dogs are an exception.
  • Due to the heritage nature of our carriages, there is limited accessibility for people travelling with wheelchairs.
  • In an emergency you can stop the train using the emergency stop lever at each end of the carriage. Do not activate the emergency stop lever in a tunnel. A penalty may apply for improper use.

Steam Incorporated is an Incorporated Society, dedicated to the restoration to full working order of ex-New Zealand Government Railways locomotives and rolling stock to provide unique rail journeys on the railway lines of New Zealand.

Updated 27 September 2023

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