Information on 1939 era 56' carriage A1942.

  • Running number:A1942 (TMS was 56453)
  • Designed by:New Zealand Railways
  • Built at:NZR Otahuhu workshops
  • Date built: 1939
  • Builders diagram:
  • Date entered service:
  • Date withdrawn:Disposed of by Tranz Rail 1996
  • Current condition:
A1942 at Paekakariki.

Image: A1942 at Paekakariki.

Carriage details

  • Weight in working order: 25 tonnes
  • Overall Length: 17933mm
  • Bogies:


A1942 was built at the Otahuhu Workshops in 1939 as a standard 2nd class 56’ car with 56 seats and two toilets.     When built it had been ordered for Auckland Taneatua services. By 1948 it had seen service on the Auckland to Opua route.

1942/ 56453 was withdrawn from service in March 1979. However 56453 was saved by being converted to a 62 seat suburban car at Otahuhu for Auckland services in September 1979.

By 1996, 56453 was stored out of use at Westfield.  56453 along with nearly twenty other  similar cars and vans was eventually put up for tender in early 1996.  This large carriage sale along with 1942 also saw AL1917 and A1989 head to Paekakariki.

At Paekakariki some restoration work has been performed on 1942 but is currently stored.

A1942 repairs

A1942 underframe repairs April 2007.


A1942 body repairs

A1942 body frame repairs. May 2007

A1942 overhaul

A1942 new side brackets fitted. May 2007


railway carriage at paekakariki

railway carriage A1942 at Paekakariki

Information from Juliet Scoble and John Bovis


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