EMD Rebuilt Diesel Locomotive. Stored for long term restoration and eventual use on the main line.

  • Locomotive road number: Dc4375
  • Built by: Clyde Engineering, Australia
  • Date built as Dc: Sept 1979
  • Builders Number: 79/900
  • Builders Model: G22AR
DC 4375 on Paekakariki turn table

Image: DC 4375 on Paekakariki turn table

Locomotive details

  • Model: G22AR
  • Wheel Arrgt: A1A-A1A with EMD "flexi-coil" truck
  • Driving Wheel Dia: 40 inches
  • Idler Wheel Dia: 30 inches
  • Engine: EMD 12-645E
  • Horsepower (engine): 1650 hp (1230 kW)
  • Main Generator: EMD D32 with D14 companion alternator
  • Traction Motors: EMD D29
  • Air Compressor: Water cooled Gardner-Denver model WBO
  • Air Brake : WABCO 26L 3 pipe
  • Total Weight: 82 tonnes
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 3640 Litres
  • Length Over Pulling Faces: 14097mm


Our newest main line locomotive Dc4375 arrived at Paekakariki on 1st April 2021.

Dc4375 started life over fifty years ago as G12 Da1540 built by General Motors Canada.  In 1979 was rebuilt by Clyde Engineering in South Australia to an EMD G22AR classification emerging as Dc 4375. Initially it was intended to become Dc1585 but the introduction of the new TMS numbering system changed this and entered service as 4375. Initially the small number light panels had 1585 but all other lettering was for 4375. Dc4375 ended its KiwiRail working life hauling Auckland suburban trains. 

It was one of many Dc locos that were leased to Auckland Transport for hauling their ex British Rail mark 2 carriages that had been rebuilt into SA and SD cars for the Auckland system.  It was repainted into the blue MAXX livery which it still wears.  During their early period in service for Auckland Transport some of the Dc locos were named after the wives of board members.  Dc4375  was named "Catherine". 

With the electification of the Auckland system and the introduction of the AM electric units the Dc locos became surplus and Dc4375 was sent the the Hutt Workshops for storage.




DC4375 nose repairs

Josh working on nose repairs Mch 2023

Dc4375 repairs

Nose work on 4375. March 2023

To help cover the purchase cost of this locomotive we have setup a Givealittle page.  This page is still active and we would be very appreciative of any donations to this loco.  Donate here.

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